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Index of Major League Baseball Players

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First Name Last Name

Name Birthdate   Birthplace
Chad Qualls 8/17/1978   Lomita, CA (USA)
Jim Qualls 10/9/1946   Exeter, CA (USA)
Tom Qualters 4/1/1935   McKeesport, PA (USA)
Paul Quantrill 11/3/1968   London, ON (CAN)
Bill Quarles //1869   Petersburg, VA (USA)
Billy Queen 11/28/1928   Gastonia, NC (USA)
Mel Queen 3/26/1942   Johnson City, NY (USA)
Mel Queen 3/4/1918   Maxwell, PA (USA)
George Quellich 2/10/1906   Johnsville, CA (USA)
Carlos Quentin 8/28/1982   Bellflower, CA (USA)
Joe Quest 11/16/1852   New Castle, PA (USA)
Ruben Quevedo 1/5/1979   Valencia Carabobo (Venezuela)
Eddie Quick 12//1881   Baltimore, MD (USA)
Hal Quick 10/4/1917   Rome, GA (USA)
Frank Quilici 5/11/1939   Chicago, IL (USA)
Lee Quillen 5/5/1882   North Branch, MN (USA)
Finners Quinlan 10/21/1887   Scranton, PA (USA)
Frank Quinlan 3/9/1869   Marlborough, MA (USA)
Robb Quinlan 3/17/1977   Maplewood, MN (USA)
Tom Quinlan 3/27/1968   St. Paul, MN (USA)
Frank Quinn 11/27/1927   Springfield, MA (USA)
Frank Quinn 8/24/1876   Sheffield, PA (USA)
Jack Quinn 7/5/1883   Janesville, PA (USA)
Joe Quinn //  
Joe Quinn 12/25/1864   Sydney (Australia)
John Quinn 9/12/1885   Framingham, MA (USA)
Mark Quinn 5/21/1974   LaMirada, CA (USA)
Paddy Quinn 8//1849   Chicago, IL (USA)
Tad Quinn 9/25/1881   Torrington, CT (USA)
Tom Quinn 4/25/1864   Annapolis, MD (USA)
Wimpy Quinn 5/14/1918   Birmingham, AL (USA)
Luis Quinones 4/28/1962   Ponce (P.R.)
Rey Quinones 11/11/1963   Rio Piedras (P.R.)
Carlos Quintana 8/26/1965   Estado Miranda (Venezuela)
Luis Quintana 12/25/1951   Vega Baja (P.R.)
Omar Quintanilla 10/24/1981   El Paso, TX (USA)
Humberto Quintero 8/8/1979   Maracaibo (Venezuela)
Marshall Quinton //  
Rafael Quirico 9/7/1969   Santo Domingo (D.R.)
Art Quirk 4/11/1938   Providence, RI (USA)
Jamie Quirk 10/22/1954   Whittier, CA (USA)
Guillermo Quiroz 11/29/1981   Maracaibo (Venezuela)
Dan Quisenberry 2/7/1953   Santa Monica, CA (USA)

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