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Alta Weiss Alta Weiss

She routinely drew upwards of 3,000 people to watch her pitch... born in Ragersville, Ohio

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A daughter of a doctor, Alta Weiss was one of the biggest box-office draws in the Midwest during the early 1900s. The talk-of-the-nation, she made her professional debut in a men's semi-pro league at age 16 in 1907 and drew 1,200 fans for the Vermilion Independents of the State of Ohio. And, yielded just four hits and one run in five innings. By the middle of that season, special trains were run from Cleveland whenever Alta Weiss was slated to pitch in the Cleveland Naps (Indians) ballpark, routinely drawing over 3,000. The Loran Times Herald wrote in 1907: - 'Miss Alta Weiss can easily lay claim to being the only one who can handle the ball from the pitcher's box in such style that some of the best semi-pros are made to fan the atmosphere.' Throwing a natural sinking fastball, Alta Weiss used her intelligence and changed her pitching-speed to baffle even the best of men hitters. She was paid handsomely and made enough to put her through medical school, and, even after she was a practicing physician she continued to pitch in men's leagues well into the decade of the 1920s. About her uniform, Alta Weiss told reporters, 'I found out that you can't play in skirts... I tried. I wore a skirt over my bloomers and nearly broke my neck. Finally, I was forced to discard it, and now always wear bloomers, but made wide enough that the fullness gives a skirt-like effect.' Archives - Women Baseball Players

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