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AAGBL Expands to 10 Teams by 1948 AAGBL Expands to 10 Teams by 1948

Watching women playing professional baseball on television was a popular early 1950s pastime

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Women's Baseball League drew almost 1,000,000 in 1948 and in a 9-game series in Puerto Rico a resounding total of 100,000 attended The 500 women baseball players who played in the All-American Girls Professional League were excellent all-around athletes and relied on their baseball skills, not their gender, to draw fans to the ballparks. And, certainly when the games were shown on television they became a huge success for their financiers. The Girls managers included some of major league baseball's top former players - Jimmie (Jimmy) Foxx, Max Carey, Dave Bancroft and Bill Wambsganss. Many of the women players came from the ranks of industrial companies softball teams and some were veterans of men's baseball teams.

However, when World War II ended and men returned to the major leagues, attendance fell dramatically. To be sure, the demise of the AAGBL came quickly when more men's major league games were televised. The league folded after eleven seasons - 1943-1953... - Professional Women's Baseball

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