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National Girls Baseball League - 1940s National Girls Baseball League - 1940s

Their dedication on the baseball diamond was unequaled - Womens Baseball History

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In the beginning the National Girls Baseball League (NGBL) - started in 1944 - consisted of professional baseball teams from the Chicago area - the Music Maids, the Rockola Chicks, the Parichy Bloomer Girls and the Match Corp. Queens.

Two teams were added and the league annually drew over 500,000 fans by the late-1940s.

Whereas the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) gradually evolved from softball to a almost standard hardball, with longer bases with sidearm or overhand pitching the NGBL keep the traditional underhand softball format.

In the National Girls Baseball League, base paths stayed shorter, and the women wore uniforms consisting of shorts or knickers.

One of the NGBL leading pitchers was Geneva Nieukirk of the Rockola Chicks. Left-handed hitter Alma Wilson of Chicago was one of the league's top all-around players.


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