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1949 Chicago White Sox 1949 Chicago White Sox

Batting and Pitchings Stats... 1949 Chicago White Sox Roster Baseball Historian

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The White Sox put in another poor performance in 1949, playing 63-91 ball and landed in 6th place. However, it was a big improvement from the club's 51-101 record the previous season.

White Sox Pitchers - 1949 Statistics

Randy Gumpert 13-16, 3.81 ERA in 34 Games... Bob Kuzava 10-6, 4.02 ERA in 29G... Bill Wight 15-13, 3.31 ERA in 35G... Al Gettel 2-5, 6.43 ERA in 19G... Billy Pierce 7-15, 3.88 ERA in 32G... Mickey Haefner 4-6, 4.37 ERA in 14G... Bob Cain 0-0, 2.45 ERA in 6G... Ed Klieman 2-0, 3.00 ERA in 18G

Max Surkont 3-5, 4.78 ERA in 44G... Clyde Shoun 1-1, 5.79 ERA in 16G... Howie Judson 1-14, 4.58 ERA in 26G... Fred Bradley 0-0, 13.50 ERA in 1G... Jack Bruner 1-2, 8.22 ERA in 4G... Alex Carrasquel 0-0, 14.73 ERA in 3G... Bill Evans 0-1, 7.11 ERA in 4G... Ernest Groth 0-1, 5.40 ERA in 3G... Orval Grove 0-0, 54.00 ERA in 1G... Marino Pieretti 4-6, 5.51 ERA in 39G...


Bill Wight, Pitcher, LH - originally signed by the Yanks in 1941, he spent three years in the Army during World War II and rejoined the New Yorks in '46. Traded to the White Sox in 1948, the flame-throwing 6ft, 1inch, southpaw went 9-20, 4.80 ERA for the last place team. However, he did lead the team in wins (9-20), in ERA with 4.80 and in innings 223. Again in 1949, Wight led the Sox in wins (15-13), in ERA with 3.31 and in innings 245. In 1950, he posted a 10-16, 3.58 ERA and at season's end was traded to Boston (AL). And, his pick-off move to first base was regarded as the best in baseball. Bill Wight had the misfortune of pitching mostly for bottom-feeding teams and hence his 12-year lifetime record was just 77-99, 3.95 ERA.

Randy Gumpert, Pitcher RH - a well-regarded workhorse of the Chisox during this era, he completed 18 games in '49 while posting a 13-16 mark, 3.81 ERA, fanned 78, walked 83, and allowed 223 hits in 234 innings. During the 1951, Randy Gumpert was used as a starter and reliever and was 9-8, 4.32 ERA in 32G, 16GS, 7GC, 141 innings and then was traded away when general manager Frank 'the Trader' Lane took over.

Marino Pieretti, Pitcher Throws LH, B RH - debuted with Washington in '45, traded to the White Sox in 1949. The 5ft, 7inch-158-pounder had a fine year in '49 despite missing time from elbow surgery. He started 1949 as a starter (9 games) and after his surgery was used in relief and appeared in 39 games, worked 116 innings, 25Ks, 54Ws and posted a 4-6 record. And, then was traded to Cleveland. Marino Pieretti lifetime stats: 30-38 W/L, 4.53 ERA, 194G, 68GS, 21GC, 4 shutouts, 8 saves in 673 2/3 innings. - All Rights Reserved


Chicago White Sox - 1949 Batting Stats:

Luke Appling ss, .301 BA, 5Hr, 58 RBIs in 142 Games... Floyd Baker 3b, .260, 1Hr, 40 RBIs in 125G... Cass Michaels 2b, .308, 6Hr in 154G... Gordon Goldsberry 1b, .248, 1Hr, 13 RBIs in 39G... Chuck Kress 1b, .278, 1Hr, 44 RBIs in 97G... Dave Philley of, .286, 0Hr, 44 RBIs in 146G... Joe Tipton c, .204, 3Hr, 19 RBIs in 67G

Catfish Metkovich .237, 5Hr, 45 RBIs in 93G... Eddie Malone of, .271, 1Hr, 16 RBIs in 55G... Gus Zernial of, .318, 5Hr, 38 RBIs in 73G... Don Wheeler c, .240, 1Hr, 22 RBIs in 67G... Herb Adams of, .293, 0Hr, 16 RBIs in 56G... Billy Bowers .192, 0hr, 2 RBIs in 26G... Fred Hancock ss, .135, 0Hr, 9 RBIs in 39G

Dick Lane .119, 0Hr, 4 RBIs in 12G... Earl Rapp, .259, 0Hr, 11 RBIs in 19G... Bud Souchock 1b, .234, 7Hr, 37 RBIs in 84G... Jerry Scala of, .250, 1Hr, 13 RBIs in 37G... George Yankowski .167, 0Hr, 2 RBIs in 12G... Pat Seerey of, .000, 0 RBIs in 4G... Jim Baumer .400, 0Hr, 2 RBIs in 8G

Bill Higdon .304, 0Hr, 1 RBI in 11G... Don Holloway 1b, .000, 0 RBIs in 4G... Rocco 'Rocky' Krsnich 3b, .218, 1Hr, 9 RBIs in 16G... Johnny Ostrowski of, .266, 5Hr, 31 RBIs in 49G... Rocky Shawn .205, 0Hr, 5 RBIs in 24G...


Floyd Baker, Third Baseman, Bats LH, T RH - an outstanding glove man with a strong throwing arm, after being traded to Chicago in 1945, Baker was one of the Sox main men in this era... in 1949, he lined 15 doubles, 4 triples 1 homer and scored 40 runs.

Luke Appling, Shortstop, RH - when he retired in 1950, Luke Appling had played more games at shortstop than any player in history - 2422G, 2,749 career hits, and an outstanding lifetime batting mark of .310 from 1930-1950 - all with the Sox. Without a doubt one of the most popular players in White Sox history.

Cass Michael, Second Baseman RH - in 1949 he played in every scheduled game and led the team in batting - a fine .308, and led the team with 83 RBIs, and in triples with 9. Debuted into the majors with the Sox as a 17-year old back in 1943. Rates with the best in baseball in fielding his position, posted a .973 career fielding percentage.

Ed Malone, Catcher RH - hit .341 in the minors before joining the White Sox in mid-summer... and hit a solid .271, including 7 doubles in 55 games for the Chisox. He played two years in the major - both with the White Sox.

Dave Philley, Outfielder Switch-hitter, T RH - one of the best clutch-hitter on the squad, Philey led the Sox in '49 with 84 runs scored, and led with 13 stolen bases... batted .286, lined 20 doubles and 8 triples, and collected 207 total bases in 146 games.

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Chicago White Sox Baseball History

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