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Penalties  1848 Article V Penalties 1848 Article V

Knickerbockers' Constitution Revised; From the 'Hall of Fame Records'

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Article V Penalties Kickerbocker's Constitution Revised in 1848 setting penalties.

Section 1. Members when assembled for field exercise, who shall use profane or improper language, shall be fined 12 1/2 cents for each offense

Sec. 2. Any member disputing the decision of an Umpire, during the time of exercise, shall be fined 12 1/2 cents

Sec. 3. Any member who shall audibly express his opinion on a doubtful play, before the decision of the Umpire is given, (unless called upon by him so to do) for each offensive, shall pay a fine of 12 1/2 cents

Sec. 4 Any member refusing obedience to his Captain, in the excerise of lawful authority, shall pay a fine of 50 cents

Section 5. All penalties incurred by violation of any proceeding sections, must be paid to the Umpire before leaving the field; and any member refusing to pay such fines, shall be suspended from field exercise until such fines are paid.

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