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Red, White and Blue Tour 2012 US Military Red, White and Blue Tour 2012 US Military

Patriotic Barnstorming Tour by Military with Commander Crash Allvord and Lieutenant Brian Shubsda onboard

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ORLANDO, FL - The U.S Military All-Stars have been the most popular patriotic barnstorming tour in the world for over two decades. That popularity seems to be on the rise again as Officer-in-Charge, Lieutenant Brian Shubsda (New Jersey National Guard) works to complete the tour schedule for the 23rd Annual "Red, White & Blue Tour" presented by Louisville Slugger.

Two wars, the economy and bad weather over the last few of years have been tough on the tour's primary opponents at the summer collegiate and independent professional levels. The success they have enjoyed in the prestigious Atlantic and other independent leagues resulted in fewer dates being available to summer collegiate leagues and that didn't sit well with the founder of the tour, Commander Crash Allvord who said, "After 23-years we have played just about every league in the country from the Cape to Alaska. It's important to our mission to promote support for our troops by continuing to make our events available to organizations at every level."

The special offer to first-time host organizations provides an opportunity for all teams, even in the smallest markets. The response has been amazing and requests for events have spiked so much they have had to create the first wait list since 2009 when the team went 41-6 while taking 7 of 10 from professional squads.

We caught up with Allvord and Shubsda in Orlando where they are volunteering at a free kids clinic hosted by MLB Alumni. This is just one of the many reasons that make the U.S. Military All-Stars so unique. Shubsda says, "Every year we try to bring something new to America, whether it's the Ground Zero Flag or adding more Wounded Warrior amputees to our roster. Our organization is special, our fans are great and I know this is where I'm supposed to be."

The tour gives players a chance to make a difference at home and away traveling to 45 states, Latin America and Canada in 2012. Who could possibly be better at promoting support for our troops then the men who have been there? If you're still wondering about what to do for your annual Military Appreciation Night at the Ballpark, you need to contact the U.S. Military All-Stars soon to be placed on the wait list.
“The U.S. Military All-Stars defeated the Cape All-Stars 11-10, but the real story was seeing our heroes lined up with Cub Scout Pack 52 at precisely 9:11 PM while the fans stand and sing “God Bless the USA” throughout the packed stadium, while the team, scouts and Veterans saluted the Stars and Stripes together, that is what baseball in Cape Cod is all about.”
-Barnstable Patriot
HOW IT BEGAN: During a visit to the Naval Aviation Museum, President H.W. Bush discussed the positive impact baseball had on morale during WWII. His comments initiated the development of military baseball in the modern era. Over two decades later, we are the only team in history to wear full-camouflage uniforms with historical references to representing all branches of the military and first responders.

WHO WE ARE: Since 1990, Over 25,000 men and women serving on Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, ROTC, Service Academy, Delayed Entry Program, Wounded Warriors, Amputees, Veterans and First Responders have suited up alongside MLB Alumni like Jeff Kent, Bob Feller, Tommy John, Wade Boggs and many, many more. NFL Quarterback Doug Flutie and celebrities like “Larry the Cable Guy” have joined proud Americans all across the country by wearing our unique camouflage uniform featuring a bright yellow ribbon crafted in the shape of an "S" to signify "SUPPORT for our Troops."

WHAT WE DO: Over 350 year-round appearances deliver highly competitive, exciting and patriotic entertainment. We provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to our Armed Forces and First Responders. The majority have deployed in direct support of the Global War on Terrorism. Although our program has won more than 70% of the time we understand our unique responsibility far exceeds games won or lost. We represent everyone who has ever worn a uniform in defense of our freedom. We invite you to learn more about our program by watching this short video:

WHY WE DO IT: The historic “Red, White & Blue Tour" delivers unique patriotic events designed to honor America. We conduct a choreographed pre-game that includes "Passing the Flag" and "Walk of Honor" ceremonies to celebrate American history in a moving tribute to those lost in the 9:11 tragedy.

We honor a philosophy of "HUSTLE, THINK, WIN!” Our joint dedication to the success of the tour will continue to promote a positive image in support of our armed forces while attracting future generations to serve our nation and our military. We invite you to view our complete schedule and follow our progress by visiting:
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