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3 Major Leagues 1914-1915 3 Major Leagues 1914-1915

Federal League, National League and American League

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Transaction occurred on 02/10/1916:



St. Louis Terriers (FL) to St. Louis Browns (AL) : (Purchase Transaction) Babe Borton was 4th in 1915 Federal League with 83 RBIs




Harry Chapman, was in demand because he was a catcher




Doc Crandall in 1911 he led the NL in winning pct with .810 with 17-4 w/l




Charlie Deal a good all-around 3rd baseman, he played 10 years in majors




Bob Groom a star pitcher for the Washington Senators he had a 24-13 in 1912




Grover Hartley, catcher, played 14 years in majors. Caught Christy Mathewson




Ernie Johnson, noted defensive shortstop, played with Ruth and Gehrig 1924-5




Armando Marsans speedy outfielder, 171 stolen bases in 8 seasons




Ward Miller, outfielder batted a solid .278 in 8 seasons




Eddie Plank pitcher posted a 327-192 w/l Hall of Fame Member




Jack Tobin outfielder, a career .309 batter in 13 seasons






Baseball Historian Library Archives Page 3 

This deal occurred when the Federal League, a new baseball major league that started up in 1914 and folded for lack of fan support after the 1915 season. The new league had plenty of money and spent freely to sign star players from the National and American Leagues. The problem between the new league and the established major leagues had to be settled in the nation’s courts and the NL and AL had to pay a then huge sum of $$$ for this period in time ($385,000) to assume the players contracts. .


Now then, the eight team Federal League of 1915 consisted of teams from Chicago Whales, St. Louis Terriers, Pittsburgh Rebels, Kansas City Packers, New York , Buffalo Feds, Brooklyn Feds and Baltimore.


This deal or as classified as a trade saw the above Federal League players from the St. Louis Terriers being bought by the now defunct St. Louis Browns, who moved and are now the Baltimore Orioles.


Many of these baseball players proudly served in World War 2 when it started in 1917.


For complete career stats, please see Players on the upper left of our Home Page.  



Bob Groom                      Eddie Plank                      Grover Hartley          Armando Marsans


Baseball Cards from Library of Congress

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