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Special Reports Southern League 1981 Special Reports Southern League 1981

Players stats and rated by old manager

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  Southern League

Our old manager’s reports never before shown on the Internet

He writes on how players were required to make adjustments if they wanted to advance up the minor league ladder. They were required to learn to play together like a closed fist instead of as individual fingers.

Player Reports for 1981 Southern League

Ricky Baker, Chattanooga Lookouts Outfielder, 23 years-old. Solid batsman had .295 batting and hits to all fields. Fielding reports, runs fast, made 7 errors in 49 games.

Kevin Rhomberg Chattanooga Lookouts, 25 years-old. Led Southern League with .366 batting average and in on base pct with .457. Has quick wrists, and can hit fastball. Stole 74 bases, highest in league. Rates 4 stars.

Everett Rey, Chattanooga Lookouts Catcher 24 years old. Is durable, has strong throwing arm with quick release. Fits in well with pitching staff. Batted .268 in 93 games.

George Cecchetti, Chattanooga Lookouts OF and First Base. Only 20 yrs old. Has power, 22 Ds, 23 Hrs and .255 batting in 131 games. Manager Woody Smith said – George Cecchetti is quick learner and will play hurt.

Vassie Gardner Chattoo Lookouts Outfielder, 25 yrs. Solid all-around. Hit .332 in 1981 (4th high in SL). Slap hitter, good bunter, quick on bases.

Albert Hall, Savannah Braves Outfielder, 23 yrs old. Fast runner, stole 60 bases in 133 g. batted .308 (11th highest in league). Manager Andy Gilbert has confidence in Al Hall as leadoff man and looks capable of getting on base and starting rallies.  

Jim Acker Savannah Braves Pitcher. 5-5 w/l and durable, completed 6 of 10 starts. Had 2.69 ERA and 37 Ks in 77 IP.

Paul Zuvella Savannah Shortstop, 22 years-old. Strong, accurate throwing arm. Played 135 games and hit .299, 17 doubles, 11 Hr, 68 RB. Could be major leaguer in near future. 4 Stars rating.

Greg Field, Savannah Pitcher. In 1981, had a 11-10 record with a 4.19 ERA for team which finished at 70-70. Pitched 171 innings and walked 64, 101 Ks. Future looked very fine.

Joe Cowley, Savannah, an affiliate of Atlanta Braves. Pitcher, 22 yrs. Fastball pitcher, manager Andy Gilbert used in 4 starts and 3 relief games. Joe Cowley was exciting, 6-0 w/l with 2.74 ERA, notched 56 Ks, just 16 walks in 69 innings.

Tom Gorman, Memphis Chicks, affiliate of the Montreal Expos. Relief Pitcher. Led the team with 12 wins, 12-9 record plus 22 saves, with a 3.07 ER, and posted 91 strike outs, only 30 Ws in 91 innings. Throws low 90 mph fastball.Pitched in 52 games, 2nd most in league. Looks capable of pitching in majors now. 

Bud Yanus, Memphis Chicks Pitcher, age 24. Throws a nice mix of pitches, breaking balls, changeups, fastball in 80s and walks less than 2 per g. Started 20 g and had 4 GC, plus 7 relief. 6-8 w/l with 4.38 ER in 148 innings. Pitched 1 shutout.

Joe Abone, Memph Chicks Pitcher, 23 yrs. Had a 9-10 w/l with 4.24 ER and was one of the Chicks five starters. 25 starts 7 completed and had 2 saves in 4 relief g. Joseph Abone pitched in 170 innings.

John Murphy, Memphis C Pitcher, 23 years old. Had a 10-10 w/l in 23 starts, 2 gc, 4.91 ERA. Had good movement on his Fastballs. Pitcher, one of Chicks starters, 91 Ks in 132 IP. Rates 4- Stars.

Bill Sattier, Memphis Chicks Pitcher, 23 yrs. His 2.76 ERA was second best among all Southern League starters in 1981. Had 11-6 w/l. Mixes fastball well with breaking stuff. Rates 4 Starts. Should improves as he matures.

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