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1998 Batting Leaders 1998 Batting Leaders

Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies led the majors with a red-hot .363 batting average. Bernie Williams of the New York Yankees topped the American League with a .339 batting average

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1998 Batting Leaders
1998 National League Batting Average Leaders:
Larry Walker Colorado Rockies .363… John Olerud New Mets .354… Dante Bichette Rockies .331… Mike Piazza Mets .328… Jason Kendall Pittsburgh Pirates .327
Craig Biggio Houston Astros .325… Vladimir Guerrero Montreal Expos .324… Jeff Cirillo Milwaukee Brewers .321… Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres .321… Vinny Castilla Rockies .319
1998 American League Batting Average Leaders:
Bernie Williams New York Yankees .339… Mo Vaughn Boston Red Sox .337… Albert Belle Chicago White Sox .328… Eric Davis Baltimore Orioles .327… Derek Jeter Yankees .324
Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox .323… Edgar Martinez Seattle Mariners .322… Ivan Rodriguez Texas Rangers .321… Tony Fernandez Toronto Blue Jays .321… Juan Gonzalez Texas Rangers .318
1998 Home Run Leaders
National League Homers
Mark McGwire ST Louis Cardinals 70 HR… Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs 66 HR
Greg Vaughn San Diego Padres 50 HR… Vinny Castilla Rockies 46 HR… Andres Galarraga, Atlanta Braves 44 HR… Vladimir Montreal Expos 38 HR… Moses Alou Astros 38 HR… Jeromy Burnitz Brewers 38 HR… Barry Bonds SF Giants 37 HR
American League Homers
Ken Griffey Jr Mariners 56 HR… Albert Belle White Sox 49 HR… Jose Canseco Blue Jays 46 HR… Manny Ramirez Cleveland Indians 45 HR… Juan Gonzalez Rangers 45 HR…
Rafael Palmeiro Orioles 43 HR… Alex Rodriguez Mariners 42 HR… Carlos Delgado Blue Jays 38 HR

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