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Winning the Batting Trifecta Winning the Batting Trifecta

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Winning The Batting Trifecta

Honus Wagner, Sherry Magee, Rogers Hornsby, Chuck Klein and Stan Musial
November 1998 - Internet Stats Service

Only five National League batters have won the Batting Trifecta since 1900. Without question this is one of baseball's toughest achievements to accomplish. The Trifecta consists of leading the league in batting average, on-base-pct and slugging pct.

Honus Wagner, Pittsburgh Pirates, recorded this feat 4-times, 1904, 1907, 1908, and 1909 ...... Sherry Magee, Philadelphia Phillies 1910 ....... Rogers Hornsby, 6 times, St. Louis Cardinals 1920-1925 and Boston Braves 1928 ..... Chuck Klein, Phillies 1933 .... Stan Musial, twice, St. Louis Cardinals 1943, 1948.

Rogers Hornsby is the only player in the NL to win the Trifecta and hit over .400 and he did it in three different years. He is also the only one of the group to record an on-base-pct over .500 in a single season (.507) while winning the Trifecta. Hornsby and Stan Musial are the only two to record a slugging pct over .700 while winning the Trifecta. Hornsby in 1922 - slug/pct .722; 1925 - slug/pct .700 .... Stan Musial 1948 - .702 pct


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