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1930 St. Louis Cardinals 1930 St. Louis Cardinals

Pitcher Burleigh Grimes and first baseman Jim Bottomley pace Cardinals to the NL pennant

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The Famous "Green Box"

What's a green box and why is it so famous? Well, just like a baseball dugout, that's where the stories are told. The "Green Box" appeared on the Baseball Historian web site during our inception back in 1999 and has been holding kangaroo court ever since. Enjoy the stories...

1930 St. Louis Cardinals - NL Pennant Winners
Hoist the Flag!

Roster and Player's Bios:

Manager Charles 'Gabby' Street - took over the helm of the Redbirds after the team finished in fourth place the previous season (1929). A former part-time major league catcher. Born: Sept. 30, 1882 in Huntsville, Alabama - attended South Kentucky College. A life-time .208 hitter, Street played in 504 big-league games from 1904-1912.

Burleigh Grimes, Pitcher RH - marred in last place on May 6th, the Cardinals acquired the 37-year old Grimes in a trade and then won 17 of their next 18 games. The last of the legal spitball pitchers, he complied a remarkable 270-212 W/L record in his great career and was so honor by being elected to the Hall of Fame. THe Cardinals rallied and won the 1930 National League pennant. St Louis then lost to the Philadelphia A's in the World Series.

Jim Bottomley, First Baseman, LH, 6' 180lbs - the line drive hitting first baseman played an important part in St. Louis' success in 1930... he rapped 33 doubles, 7 triples, 15 home runs and collected a .368 on-base-pct, and struck out just 36 times all season. A member of the Hall of Fame 'Sunny Jim' Bottomley finished his 16 year major career (1922-1937) with a .310 batting average and lined 465 doubles, 151 triples, 219 homers and had 1,422 RBIs. He played with the Cardinals from 1922-1932 until being traded away

1930 St. Louis Cardinals Batting Statistics:

Sparky Adams .314, 0 Hr, 55 RBIs in 137 Games... Ray Blades .396, 4 Hr, 25 RBIs in 55G... Jim Bottomley .304, 15 Hr, 97 RBIS in 131G... Taylor Douthit .303, 7 Hr, 93 RBIs in 154G... Doc Farrell .213, 0 Hr, 6 RBIs in 23G... Showboat Fisher .374, 8 Hr, 61 RBIs in 92G... Frankie Frisch .346, 10 Hr, 114 RBIs in 133G... Charlie Gelbert .304, 3 Hr, 72 RBIs in 139G... Chick Hafey .336, 26 Hr, 107 RBIs in 120G... Andy High .272, 2 Hr, 29 RBIs in 72G... Tony Kaufman .333 in 2G... Gus Mancuso .336, 7 Hr, 59 RBIs in 76G... Pepper Martin .00 in 6G... Clarence Martin .500 in 1G... Ernie Orsatti .321, 1 Hr, 15 RBIs in 48G... Homer Peel .164, 0 Hr, 10 RBIs in 48G... George Puccinelli .563, 3 Hr, 8 RBIs in 11G... Earl Smith .000 in 8G... George Watkins .373, 17 Hr, 87 RBIs in 119G... Jimmie Wilson .318, 1 Hr, 58 RBIs in 107G.


Frankie Frisch, Second Baseman, Switch-hitter - a dedicated play-to-win ballplayer and a member of the Hall of Fame, he was traded to the Cardinals in 1927 and played with the team until he retired in 1937. Frankie Frisch with his hustling, never-give-up style of Playing certainly played a major role in the Cardinals success of 1930... hitting 46 doubles, 9 triples, 10 homers, scored 121 runs, 114 RBIs and check this out - he struck out just 16 times in 540 at bats.

Gus Mancuso, Catcher RH - it's been said often enough: 'No team plays winning baseball without a first-class star catcher.' And, Mancuso's handling of pitchers was legendary during this era. He played in 5 World Series with two different teams in his career that spanned 17 seasons - from 1928-1945. For the Cardinals in 1930, Mancuso hit a torrid .388 in 72 games behind the plate, including 17 doubles and 7 home runs... and struck out only 16 times in 227 at bats.


1930 St. Louis Cardinals Pitching Statistics:

Hi Bell 4-3, 3.90 ERA in 39G... Dizzy Dean 1-0, 1.00 ERA in 1G... Fred Frankhouse 2-3, 7.32 ERA in 8G... Al Grabowski 6-4, 4.79 ERA in 33G... Burleigh Grimes 13-6, 3.01 ERA in 22G... Hal Haid 3-2, 4.09 ERA in 20G... Jesse Haines 13-8, 4.30 ERA in 29G... Bill Hallahan 15-9, 4.66 ERA in 35G... Carmen Hill 0-1, 7.36 ERA in 4G... Syl Johnson 12-10, 4.65 ERA in 32G... Tony Kaufmann 0-1, 7.84 ERA in 2G... Jim Lindsey 7-5, 4.43 ERA in 39G... Clarence Mitchell 1-0, 6.00 ERA in 1G... Flint Rhem 12-8, 4.45 ERA in 26G... Bill Sherdel 3-2, 4.64 ERA in 13G.


Pitchers' Bios:

Bill 'Wee Willie' Sherdel, Pitcher LH - a crafty southpaw, who threw an assortment of pitches during his 15-year major league career - 1918-1932. Sherdel rang up 10 or more wins in eight different seasons and won 21 games in 1928.

An happy-go-lucky, free spirit he usually whistled or sang to himself on the pitching mound. Sherdel helped the Cardinals win three pennants - 1926, 1928 and 1930 - and pitched in four World Series games - posting a nice 3.26 ERA even-though he had the misfortune of going 0-4.

Flint Rhem, Pitcher RH, 6'2" 180lbs - a strong armed, fastball pitcher he broke into the majors with the Cardinals in Sept of 1924... in 1926 he tied for NL league in wins - 20-7, 3.21 ERA, completed 20 of 34 games, 258 innings.

But, the next few years Flint Rhem proved unreliable - kinda hot-and-cold... Whispers:- 'blamed booze for his problems.' In the heat of the 1930 pennant battle - mid-Sept - he was scheduled to pitch but came to the game shaky and disoriented... and claimed that he had been kidnapped by gamblers and forced to drink glass-after-glass of Prohibition whiskey at gunpoint. He said, 'the Gamblers bet heavily against the Cardinals and didn't want me to pitch for them.'

Manager Gabby Street replaced Rhem that start with 'Wild Bill' Hallahan, who had slammed his hand in a car door the day before. Hallahan responded by throwing a 1 to 0 complete game 10-inning victory for the Redbirds.

Fred Frankhouse, Pitcher RH, - Born on 4/9/1904 in Port Royal, PA, he began his professional career with Ottawa of the Eastern Canada League and didn't make it for good in the majors until 1929, when he posted a 7-2 mark for the Cardinals. A curveball artist, Frankhouse pitched just eight games in 1930 before St. Louis traded him for Hall of Fame mound ace Burleigh Grimes.... In his career Fred Frankhouse posted a 106-97 W/L, 3.92 ERA, and hurled 10 shutouts in 402 games. 

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