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Silver King - Leading Baseball Player of this Time

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The Famous "Green Box"

What's a green box and why is it so famous? Well, just like a baseball dugout, that's where the stories are told. The "Green Box" appeared on the Baseball Historian web site during our inception back in 1999 and has been holding kangaroo court ever since. Enjoy the stories...

Tales and Stories from By-gone Days - A sidearmer and an umpire
Over the years small changes to our game of baseball have been made...

* In the mid-1880s, Charles 'Silver' King brought a new pitching weapon into the majors. Generally regarded as the first-ever sidearm pitcher in professional baseball history, he helped the old St Louis Browns to two straight American Association pennants... going 32-12 with a 3.78 earned run average and collected a resounding 45-21 record with a stingy 1.64 ERA.

With his sidearm pitch that baffled hitter, Silver King blazed his way to 142 major league wins in a four year span - averaging over 35 wins per/season.

* Way back when players played like 'junk yard dogs,' outfielder Tom York was renowned as a mild manner nice-guy, both on and off the field. His strong accurate arm and sure hands in the outfield along with a steady batting eye enabled him to play 15 major league seasons - 1871-1885.

After York retired after the 1885 season, he began umpiring the following year but quit during mid-season... his reason being: 'I would rather live on a dollar a day than stand the backguarding and abuse which every umpire is subject to.'

Later, he returned to baseball as a press box in Yankee Stadium. And, when Tom York died in 1936, at age 85, he was one of only four surviving players from the National League's first season. - Major League Baseball History

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