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1993 Cincinnati Reds 1993 Cincinnati Reds

1993 Cincinnati Reds Baseball Players

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The Famous "Green Box"

What's a green box and why is it so famous? Well, just like a baseball dugout, that's where the stories are told. The "Green Box" appeared on the Baseball Historian web site during our inception back in 1999 and has been holding kangaroo court ever since. Enjoy the stories...

1993 Cincinnati Reds Roster
Injuries, and more injuries took their toll on the team in 1993

A whooping total of 24 pitchers and 27 position players were used by Reds' managers throughout 1993. Popular manager Tony Perez was fired early-on in the season and was replaced by former Mets manager Davey Johnson.

The projected Opening Day lineup was racked by injuries and played together just four games all year - and the total of 51 players used during the season set a team-record.

The Cincinnati squad finished the year at 73-89, its worst record in 11-years.

Two players managed to bust 20 homers, infielder Chris Sabo hit 21 and slugger Reggie Sanders lined an even 20. And only two pitchers posted 10 or more wins. Jose Rijo went 14-9 with a 2.48 ERA, second best in the majors, trailing only pitching legend Greg Maddux of Atlanta. Starter Tim Pugh posted a 10-15 mark, 5.26 ERA in 31 games.

Cincinnati Reds 1993 Roster and Statistics:


Jose Rijo 14-9, 2.48 ERA in 36 Games... Jeff Reardon 4-6, 4.09 ERA in 58G... Tim Pugh 10-15, 5.26 ERA in 31G... Bobby Ayala 7-10, 5.60 ERA in 43G... Tim Belcher 9-6, 4.47 ERA in 22G... Greg Cadaret 2-1, 4.96 ERA in 34G... Tom Browning 7-7, 4.74 ERA in 21G...

Rob Dibble 1-4, 6.48 ERA in 45G... Steve Foster 2-2, 1.75 ERA in 17G... Milt Hill 3-0, 5.65 ERA in 19G... Mike Anderson 0-0, 18.56 ERA in 3G... Chris Bushing 0-0, 12.46 ERA in 6G... Dwayne Henry 0-1, 3.86 ERA in 3G... Jeff Kaiser 0-0, 2.70 ERA in 3G...

John Roper 2-5, 5.62 ERA in 16G... Bill Landrum 0-2, 3.74 ERA in 18G... Ross Powell 0-3, 4.41 ERA in 9G... Johnny Ruffin 2-1, 3.58 ERA in 21G... Scott Ruskin 0-0, 18.00 ERA in 4G... Scott Service 2-2, 3.70 ERA in 26G... John Smiley 3-9, 5.62 ERA in 18G... Jerry Spradlin 2-1, 3.49 ERA in 37G... Kevin Wickander 1-0, 6.75 ERA in 33G... Larry Luebbers 2-5, 4.54 ERA in 14G...

Position Players:

Reggie Sanders .274, 20Hr, 83 RBIs in 138G... Chris Sabo .259, 21Hr, 82 RBIs in 148G... Jeff Branson .241, 3Hr, 22 RBIS in 125G... Barry Larkin .315, 8Hr, 51 RBIs in 100G... Jacob Brumfield .268, 6Hr, 23 RBIs in 103G...

Hal Morris .317, 7Hr, 49 RBIs in 101G... Kevin Mitchell .341, 6Hr, 64 RBIs in 93G... Tim Costo .224, 3Hr, 12 RBIs in 31G... Jack Daugherty .220, 2Hr, 9 RBIs in 46G... Brian Dorsett .254, 2Hr, 12 RBIs in 25G... Cecil Espy, .233, 0Hr, 5 RBIs in 40G... Willie Greene .160, 2Hr, 5 RBIs in 15G... Tommy Gregg .167, 0Hr, 1 RBI in 10G...

Thomas Howard .277, 4Hr, 13 RBIs in 38G... Bobby Kelly .319, 9Hr, 35 RBIs in 78G... Cesar Hernandez .083, 0Hr, 1 RBI in 27G... Keith Hughes .000, 0Hr, 0 RBIs in 3G... Keith Kessinger .259, 1Hr, 3 RBIs in 11G... Brian Koelling .067, 0Hr, 0 RBIs in 7G...

Randy Milligan .274, 6Hr, 29 RBIs in 83G... Joe Oliver .239, 14Hr, 75 RBIs in 139G... Bip Roberts .240, 1Hr, 18 RBIs in 83G... Juan Samuel .230, 4Hr, 26 RBIs in 103G... Greg Tubbs .186, 1Hr, 2 RBIs in 35G... Gary Varsho .232, 2Hr, 11 RBIs in 77G... Dan Wilson .224, 0Hr, 8 RBIs in 36G... Keith Gordon .167, 0Hr, 0 RBIs in 3G... - Cincinnati Reds Baseball History

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