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Debut in 1962 New York Mets Debut in 1962 New York Mets

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The Famous "Green Box"

What's a green box and why is it so famous? Well, just like a baseball dugout, that's where the stories are told. The "Green Box" appeared on the Baseball Historian web site during our inception back in 1999 and has been holding kangaroo court ever since. Enjoy the stories...

New York Mets Debut in 1962
New York Mets Debut in 1962

A brand new National League team made its debut in New York in 1962... they were officially called the Metropolitans after a long-ago 1800s team, but were quickly dubbed the Mets by the media and fans.

Their stadium was old and run-down - the Polo Grounds - and just two years later it was completely demolished.

'Come And See My Amazin' Mets,' bellowed old Casey Stengel, the Mets' first manager. And, come they did. The more they lost, the more fans packed the stands. Huge crowd came out to cheer: 'Let's go Mets.'

The Mets finished the 1962 season at 40 wins and 120 loses - the most losses of any team in this century.


1962 New York Mets Pitching Stats:

Craig Anderson 3-17, 5.35 ERA in 50 Games... Galen Cisco 1-1, 3.26 ERA in 4G... Roger Craig 10-24, 4.51 ERA in 42G... Ray Daviault 1-5, 6.22 ERA in 36G... Larry Foss 0-1, 4.63 ERA In 5G... Dave Hillman 0-0, 6.32 ERA in 13G... Jay Hook 8-19, 4.84 ERA in 37G... Willard Hunter 1-6, 5.57 ERA in 27G... Al Jackson 8-20, 4.40 ERA in 36G... Sherman Jones 0-4, 7.71 ERA in 8G... Clem Labine 0-0, 11.25 ERA in 3G... Ken MacKenzie 5-4, 4.95 ERA in 42G... Bob G. Miller 2-2, 7.08 ERA in 17G... Bob L. Miller 1-12, 4.69 ERA in 33 G... Vinegar Bend Mizell 0-2, 7.34 ERA in 17G... Herb Moford 0-1, 7.20 ERA in 7G... Bob Moorhead 0-2, 4.53 ERA in 38 G.


Player's Bios:

Bob L. Miller, Pitcher RH, 1962 Mets - 6'1" 182lbs - a calming force of the new expansion team, pitcher Bob L. Miller started 21 games in 1962, struck out 91 batters in 143 innings and appeared in 33 games while going 1-12, 4.89 ERA.

Used mainly as a reliever in his major league career that spanned 17-seasons, Miller had a 69-81 W/L record, posted an outstanding 3.37 lifetime ERA in 694 games, 99 starts, 7 completed, yielded 1487 hits in 1551 1/3 innings, 608 walks and 895 strike outs... after he retiring from active play he became a major league pitching coach and later worked in the front office for San Francisco.


Quotes from manager Casey Stengel:

'If a banner got into your way, you didn't mind missing a play because it was something bad happening anyway.'


Met fans' loved 'Marvelous Marv' Throneberry... in June during a game - while trying to run down a base runner, he collided while attempting to tag the runner without having the ball, interference was called and Chicago then scored four runs. Later in the same game, Throneberry lined a triple down the line but was called out for failing to touch first base.

When Stengel stormed out to protest, the umpire said, 'I hate to tell you this but he missed second base, too.

'Well, Stengel replied, 'I know he touched third base because he's standing on it.'


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