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AL 1964 Strikeouts by Batters AL 1964 Strikeouts by Batters

Statistics by batters

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1964 Strike Outs by Batters: American League:

Nelson Mathews, KC A's 143... Don Lock, Wash Senators 137... Harmon Killebrew, Twins 135... Dick Stuart, Red Sox 130... Dave Nicholson, White Sox 126

Leon Wagner, Indians 121 National League: Dick Allen, Phillies 138... Billy Cowan, Cubs 128... Lou Brock, Cardinals 127... Frank Howard, Dodgers 113... Leo Cardenas, Reds 110... Bill White, Cardinals 110

1964 Walks by Batters: American League:

Norm Siebern, Orioles 106... Mickey Mantle, Yankees 99... Harmon Killebrew, Twins 93... Wayne Causey. KC A's 88... Jim Gentile, KC A's 84... Rocky Colavito, KC A's 83... Don Lock, Wash Senators 79 National League: Ron Santo, Cubs 86... Eddie Mathews, Milw Braves 85... Willie Mays, SF Giants 82... Frank Robinson, Reds 79... Jim Fregosi, LA Angels 72... Ken Boyer, Cardinals 70... Denis Menke, Milw Braves 68

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