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2002 RBI Leaders 2002 RBI Leaders

Lance Berman, Astros, and Alex Rodriguez, Rangers, led their leagues

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National League RBI Leaders:

Lance Berkman, Astros 128... Albert Pujols, Cardinals 127... Pat Burrell, Phillies 116... Shawn Green, Dodgers 114... Vladimir Guerrero, Expos 111... Barry Bonds, Giants 110... Scott Rolen, Cardinals 110... Todd Helton, Rockies 109... Sammy Sosa, Cubs 108... Jeff Kent, Giants 108...

2002 American League RBI Leaders:

Alex Rodriguez, Rangers 142... Magglio Ordonez, White Sox 135... Miguel Tejada, A's 131... Garret Anderson, Angels 123... Jason Gambi, Yanks 122... Nomar Garciaparra, Red Sox 120... Jim Thome, Indians 118... Troy Glaus, Angels 111... Eric Chavez, A's 109... Carlos Delgado, Blue Jays 108...

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