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George Herman 'Babe' Ruth George Herman 'Babe' Ruth

Brand-new Stadium in the Bronx - "The House that Ruth Built" Babe Ruth Birthday February 6 1895 in Baltimore. Died August 16 1948 in NY City

Babe Ruth was assaulting big-league pitching and was fast becoming the best known figure in the world. In 1921, Babe Ruth led the majors with 59 home runs, 457 total bases, 177 runs, with 171 RBIs. Babe Ruth had already hit more career home runs than any player in baseball history - and he was only 26-years old.

Fans were pouring into stadiums everywhere to catch a glimpse of the slugger. "They all flock to Babe Ruth," Yankee manager Miller Huggins declared. "Because the American fan likes the fellow who carries the wallop."

The power of home runs, and more home runs was pushing aside the old game of bunts, steals, and hit-and-run plays.

Yankee attendance continued to climb thanks to Babe Ruth.

In 1923, on Opening Day, April 18, the New York Yankees opened their glorious, new stadium, Yankee Stadium and sportswriter Fred Lieb quickly dubbed it "The House that Ruth built."

On Opening Day, in front of 74,200 fans, Babe Ruth provided the Yankees' margin of victory with a three-run homer in a 4-1 victory over the Boston Red Sox. - The History of Baseball Babe Ruth

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