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Jimmie Foxx Jimmie Foxx

534 Career Home Runs; Right-handed

Just under six feet, weighing about 200, Foxx was so strong and had such a brawny physique that he became known around the dugouts as The Beast. He walloped many monumental homers among his total of 534 and is generally accepted as the longest-hitting right-hander swinger of all time.

Baseball History

Seventeen of Jimmie's 20 years in the majors were spent with the A's and the Boston Red Sox. He hit 58 homers in 1932 and would have broken Ruth's record, scribes with the A's insisted, but for the intrusion of a screen fronting the rightfield stands in St. Louis. Five times, it was said, Foxx missed homers when his drives struck that fence, which wasn't there when Ruth hit 60 in 1927. Jimmie led the league in homers four times. A Hall of Famer, he was named MVP three times, and in each case he was playing with a team that failed to win the pennant.

Old Double X, chiefly a first baseman, also caught, played third base and the outfield, and even pitched in 10 games. 'The Home Run Book' by 'Topps Baseball Card Co' 1981 Edition

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