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1950s Willie Mays 1950s Willie Mays

Baseball History Willie Mays

Stan Musial, all-time great of the St. Louis Cardinals made this statement about Willie Mays of the Giants, in the late 1950s.

'Willie ranks with DiMaggio as the best I ever saw. He's a perfect ball player, too. Mays can beat a ball club with his bat, his glove, his arm and his legs. He has stolen more bases than any other home run hitter who has ever lived and hit more homers than any base stealer, past or present.

The guy plays with a contagious enthusiasm. Why he can run better and faster, looking back over his shoulder to see where the ball is, than most players can digging for the next base with head down.'

Hall of Fame pitcher, Robin Roberts, Phillies, said this about Willie Mays while watching him take batting practice before he even seen him play a game.

'I went out early to see Mays in batting practice. And he hit about five balls in the upper deck. Then he went out in the outfield and he could run like the wind and throw like hell. And I remember thinking this has got to be as good looking a baseball player as I ever saw. And it turned out he was the best player I ever saw.'

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