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Extra Extra Read all about it!!!!  Here are the trades which Doug Bair has been in:

first name last name
Transaction occurred on 03/15/1977:
Oakland Athletics (AL) to Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)
Phil Garner
  Tommy Helms
  Chris Batton
Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) to Oakland Athletics (AL)
Dave Giusti
  Doc Medich
  Doug Bair
  Rick Langford
  Tony Armas
  Mitchell Page

Transaction occurred on 02/25/1978:
Cincinnati Reds (NL) to Oakland Athletics (AL)

  Dave Revering
Oakland Athletics (AL) to Cincinnati Reds (NL)
Doug Bair

Transaction occurred on 09/10/1981:
Cincinnati Reds (NL) to St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
Doug Bair
St. Louis Cardinals (NL) to Cincinnati Reds (NL)
Neil Fiala
  Joe Edelen

Transaction occurred on 07/05/1983:
Detroit Tigers (AL) to St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
Dave Rucker
St. Louis Cardinals (NL) to Detroit Tigers (AL)
Doug Bair

Transaction occurred on 06/16/1989:
Toronto Blue Jays (AL) to Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) : (Purchase Transaction)
Doug Bair

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