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Extra Extra Read all about it!!!!  Here are the trades which Bump Hadley has been in:

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Transaction occurred on 12/04/1931:
Chicago White Sox (AL) to Washington Senators (AL)
Carl Reynolds
  John Kerr
Washington Senators (AL) to Chicago White Sox (AL)
Jackie Hayes
  Bump Hadley
  Sam Jones

Transaction occurred on 04/27/1932:
Chicago White Sox (AL) to St. Louis Browns (AL)
Bruce Campbell
  Bump Hadley
St. Louis Browns (AL) to Chicago White Sox (AL)
Red Kress

The Great Depression era trade … on April 27, 1932 the Chicago White Sox traded starting pitcher Bump Hadley and young outfielder Bruce Campbell to the old St. Louis Browns for shortstop Red Kress


Review by long-time baseball fan Emil Migala and we quote


“Sure I remember so many trades took place during the Depression. Fans couldn’t afford to go to the ballparks and owners had to cut salaries. The White Sox and the Browns especially had to trade their stars because their attendance collapsed, if I remember correctly.”


Baseball Players Bios by staff at baseball historian with a line or two by Emil Migala


Note: (St Louis Browns moved to Baltimore during the late 1950s) 


Red Kress Shortstop, debuted with the old St. Louis Browns in 1927. Emil Migala said, “Red Kress was one of the best hitting shortstops. It seemed like he batted around .300 most years. And, he was a lined drive hitter and didn’t strike out much like they do today (early 2000s). Since I lived in Chicago I was happy the White Sox got a young star like Red Kress.”

Red Kress was just 20-years-old when he broke into the majors in 1927. In the three years prior to this trade, 1929-1931, Ralph Red Kress hit .305, .313 and .311. A great handler of the baseball bat, in 1931, he struck out just 48 times in 605 at bats (walked 46 times) and posted a fine .493 on base pct. He played a year and a half with the ChicSox then was traded to the Washington Senators. Sox owner Charles Comiskey said, “I had to cut the team’s payroll because the players wanted too much money.”


Bump Hadley Starting Pitcher. Irving Bump Hadley made baseball headline almost from the get-go of his major league career with the old Washington Senators. In 1927, his rookie season, he posted a 14-6 w/l record with a fine 2.85 ERA and completed 13 of 27 starts, plus 3 relief games. Bump Hadley kept batters off-balance by changing speeds on his fastball and working in and out over home plate.

A durable moundmaster best describes his pitching role. From 1927 thru 1937 he worked in 198.2 innings, 231.2 … 194.1 … 260.1 … 179.2 … 248.1 – led the majors with 316.2 innings – 213 …  230.1 … 173.2 and 178.1 innings. Bump Hedley won 161 career games and lost 165 – pitching mostly for second division teams.


Bruce Campbell Outfielder Bats LH, T RH – Bruce Campbell had played just 9 games combined for the Chicago White Sox in his first major league seasons, 1930-31. He batted .154 in 9 games in 1932 then was traded in this deal to Brownies … and after trade hit .289 in 137 games, but led the American League with 104 strikeouts by a batter (Ks).

Thereafter Bruce Campbell learned to rip the ball to all fields and his Ks improved with experience. In fact, most season he walked more times than striking out.

Emil Migala declared, “Bruce Campbell only played with Browns a short time. He later was a big star batsman for the Cleveland Indians.” Bruce Campbell compiled a .290 career batting average in 4,762 at bats.  


Transaction occurred on 01/19/1935:
St. Louis Browns (AL) to Washington Senators (AL)
Bump Hadley
Washington Senators (AL) to St. Louis Browns (AL)
Luke Sewell

Transaction occurred on 01/17/1936:
New York Yankees (AL) to Washington Senators (AL)
Jimmie DeShong
  Jesse Hill
Washington Senators (AL) to New York Yankees (AL)
Bump Hadley
  Roy Johnson

Transaction occurred on 12/31/1940:
New York Yankees (AL) to New York Giants (NL) : (Purchase Transaction)
Bump Hadley

Transaction occurred on 04/30/1941:
New York Yankees (AL) to Philadelphia Athletics (AL) : (Purchase Transaction)
Bump Hadley

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