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Old Baseball Cards Ty Cobb Old Baseball Cards Ty Cobb

Hassan Cigarettes - Triple Header Baseball Cards 1912 - 134 Cards in a Complete Set. Looking Over Old Copies, Here's what the printed words on the back state:

Ty Cobb Steals Third - "No base stealer ever lived that had anything on Ty Cobb; his record shows that. There may be players that can beat him to first; but says a prominent baseball authority, "his vaulted speed is apparent when he extends himself in a dash where he is required to turn a corner and keep going. At this I do not believe his equal ever existed. After all, though, it is Ty's wonderful insight and daring that make him the demon of the sacks, rather than his' sheer speed." With the combination of speed, daring, and brains, Cobb is surely the terror of the opposing infield."

The picture on the front of the card shows Cobb stealing third and throwing Jimmy Austin of the St. Louis Browns high into the air.

Here's more: "Tyrus Cobb, Detroit Tigers' outfielder, is one of the fastest players that ever lived. In 1911 he batted .420, making 248 hits, the greatest number ever made by a player in one season. He also led the American League in scoring runs, in stealing bases, in two-baggers, and three-baggers. For five years ending 1911 his average batting figures were .371." Archives - Old Baseball Cards.

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