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Wee Willie Keeler Wee Willie Keeler

Outfielder Left-handed, New York Giants 1892-93 &1910 Brooklyn 1893 & 1899-1902; Baltimore Orioles 1894-98; New York Highlanders (Yankees) 1903-1909

Nicknamed Wee Willie because of his 5'4 inch, 120 lb stature, Keeler collected 2,947 hits, scored 1,727 runs and stole 495 bases. There probably never has been a more skillful bunter or batter who could poke the ball through the infield. Wee Willie Keeler famous quote of 'hit them where they ain't' was his forte for entering the 'Hall of Fame'.

Baseball History

Keeler was in the group of players admitted to the 'Hall of Fame' when it opened its doors in 1939. He was an important part of one of baseballs famous teams- the Baltimore Orioles of 1894-1898 and twice led the league in batting.

Willie Keeler had a career batting ave. of .343. Keeler ranks in the top for his winning style of play.

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